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Summers in Washington DC are sultry, scolding and heated both for the weather and for the discourse emanating from think-tanks, academia and the embassies.

One such summer day in DC, an unnamed diplomat, at an unnamed event, unequivocally stated that India is not a strategic counterweight to China. India is one-fifth of China’s economy, and the only geopolitical power that can compete with China would be the United States.

Where does this kerfuffle originate from?

The robust partnership between New Delhi and Washington rests on the pillars of strategic partnership on defence and the union of foreign policy goals such…

That was the theme in India during the first months of 2021, alluding to the farmers’ protest in the capital and India’s vaccination drive and the race to vaccinate millions of citizens.

At a time of closed borders and mandatory quarantine, when survival skills bring out an internal sense of selfishness, and global cooperation around sharing scant resources of the vaccine is unheard of, India has adopted a different approach.

But at a time of social distancing globally, India has been active in its outreach exporting vaccines across the globe. While Doctor WHO (World Health Organization) has faced censure for…

US President Joe Biden

Some time in 2012, social media did what social media does best — parodied and memed then President Barack Obama’s rendition of Carly Rae Jensen’s “Call Me Maybe

The song was a pop sensation with prosaic lyrics, but kept regurgitating the title of the song, “call me, maybe” — clearly a phone call meant a lot.

Dating to 2021 (no pun intended), but just like the millennial protagonist in the song, waiting for a call from a heartthrob, geopolitically all world leaders wait with equal anxiety and a sense of nervous optimism for the call from the Oval office, especially…

Donald Trump is still President!

Well, not literally, the Electoral College, Congress Ratification and the inauguration will say otherwise.

Joseph Biden Jr, who became the 46th President of the United States sits ensconced in an office that he was geographically close to for eight years, but politically still further away from. Biden realises that his successor still hasn’t left the Oval Office.

Again, not literally, but the essence of Trump’s cataclysmic transactional interpretation of policy still lingers all over the Oval Office like dampness on the walls.

The first 100 days is seen both as a harbinger of the next…

Malcolm Marshall is a name that evokes both respect and fear among the Indian diaspora. Respected for his exploits and feared for how well he delivered those exploits — fierce, swift, and too fast to respond to at times!

His Barbadian compatriot, Rihanna did the same. Well, not quite with blaring vocals this time, but through a tweet that was as loud as her acoustics, and one that much like a Marshall bouncer, left India ruffled and for some a bit bruised.

The response in India was eclectic and cantankerous at the same time with both sides of the aisle…

As bullets took precedence over ballots in Washington, President-elect Biden said this was not ‘dissent, but disorder’. Trump, perhaps out of compulsion and in a faux sense of lachrymose grandstanding, urged peace and calm. The damage had been done; Trump was trying to lock the barn door after the horse had bolted.

Political irony once again, where social media behemoths (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), long espoused to perpetuating free speech had to suddenly take down the video, with Twitter even temporarily suspending the account of the ‘leader of the free world’; the head of a country that’s based its geopolitical…

On November 3, election night, it’s hard to pinpoint any one state as Ground Zero for the United States presidential elections, because several states were cliff-hangers. I was in the political hotbed state of Georgia on November 6. The next day Georgia, along with Pennsylvania, flipped blue, and handed Democratic candidate Joe Biden 16 and 20 electoral votes respectfully. With this the septuagenarian challenger crossed the 270 landmark.

The last time Georgia went Blue was during Arkansas native Bill Clinton’s maiden run in 1992. …

I am as lost for words as you are, so I will try and borrow a thousand odd ones for this article.

Find Positives, Drop Prithvi Shaw-Sunil Gavaskar’s Advice for Team India

I get it, I too am shell-shocked, baffled, bamboozled, flummoxed and flabbergasted at this capitulation (there I borrowed a few of the best adjectives — thank you Navjot Singh Siddhu). I am not one to not excoriate the team for waving the white flag and folding like a pack of cards, especially when they had their noses ahead. …

United States President Donald Trump is standing still, crying afoul about the presidential elections, but President-Elect Joe Biden is moving forward. As the big C word — Concession — is yet to come from the Trump campaign, Biden is more concerned with another C — Cabinet.

As Biden continues to name personnel for key positions, The Washington Post journalist Emily Rauhala captured the sentiment perfectly with a tweet, stating how politics is ephemeral and epitomised perfectly in Washington, where the Trump administration could be seen as an aberration with unconventional picks, and Biden is a return to the status quo…

I clearly remember that English summer of 2002.

I am dating myself now, but I was a teenager back then, but apropos of age that’s when I saw a cherubic young lad with a Peter Pan boyish face, barely older to me by a few years taking center-stage at Trent Bridge. Think Nottingham, think Robin Hood, and why he looked as young as any of his Merrie Men. But like Robin Hood facing an onslaught from the Sheriff of Nottingham, Parthiv Patel, faced an onslaught of bouncers at 145 KMPH from the likes of gargantuan lads like Andrew Flintoff and…

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