Jon Voyage! Why Jon Stewart was the most credible voice on American Television?

TIME magazine ran an online poll a while back that asked the American audience to list the most trusted newsman on Cable Television since the legendary Walter Cronkite.

The answer was Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central.

Apropos of the news media, it is troubling when the most credible trusted voice and news source in America is actually a fake anchorman. Just goes to show how partisan and polarizing the mainstream media has become, particularly Fox News that seeks to dish out the most rancid right-wing propaganda to appease the conservative movement.

Jon Stewart for little under two decades served as the finest media watchdog, was able to influence policy at the highest level and pretty much looked through the ruse to call a spade a spade.

The trust and credibility that John Stewart possessed was so much so that people tuned into the Daily Show to get their news. A correspondent on the Daily Show was almost guaranteed to have bright future ahead of them. Household names such as Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Josh Gad, Ed Helms and Olivia Munn, to name a few, owe their initial moorings to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

The Daily Show truly was a fake news show with real impact.

Jon Stewart leaving just as the 2016 Presidential race is underway, is almost like Batman leaving Gotham when the Joker (in this case almost literally Drumpf) comes into town.

Jon Stewart described his role the best: “I Am Not Going to Censor Myself to Comfort Your Ignorance”

After sixteen years, it’s time to say “Jon Voyage”.

Here is to hoping Trevor Noah now calls out the mainstream media inaccuracies!

A journalist by profession. He writes about business & finance, geopolitics, sports & tech news. He is a TEDx & Toastmasters speaker. Follow him @Akshobh

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