Should We Be Optimistic About Immigration In Biden Era?

Naturally, I was both bewildered and bemused as to how she could think that one of the largest macroeconomic events of the year, the world’s most-watched election, a geopolitical event of epic consequences, one that by itself would immediately impact a micro-entity such as one individual with one job and one immigration status.

To the extent that I earlier penned this op-ed, on why a Biden presidency is unlikely to affect the current immigration conundrum.

The Immigration Quandary: A Bureaucratic Labryinth

If I were to analogise the current imbroglio to puppet talking heads, I would say it’s important to understand that puppets don’t work in isolation; there is a puppeteer and puppet strings that operate behind the scenes.

While Trump may seem the scarier puppet on immigration — making incendiary remarks on immigrants and immigration — Biden, like Obama, seems the more amiable Pinocchioesque friendly puppet.

However, the invisible strings here would be machinations of plenty of other lobbyists, Congressmen and senators, who have a hard, vehement stance against immigration and high-skilled worker visas, and plenty of other anti-immigration hawks, such as Stephen Miller, who may not be in the public eye.

Originally published at on December 7, 2020.

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