Why How I Met Your Mother will always remain a profoundly poignant & entertaining show!

The cast of How I Met Your Mother!

‘Sitcom’ and ‘romcom’ junkies have their list of their all time greatest and somewhere How I Met Your Mother would surely be featured. But here is why I think the show has knocked ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ off the effing perch (Thank you Sir Alex Ferguson).

Even though it’s been two years since the curtains came down on Ted Mosby and the gang, for me How I Met Your Mother will always remain both melancholically nostalgic and gut-wrechingly hilarious at the same time.

The show played around with time travel easier than H.G Wells’ classic Time Machine. Rushing headlong into the future while centering the story around the past. While most people may have been peeved at the deliberate procrastination by Monsieurs Carter Bays & Craig Thomas to tell the inevitable (Oh who is the mystery goddess of a woman; they asked through the eight seasons?) the show was definitely unprecedented.

Indeed the series wasn’t meant to be a direct approach. The charm for most of us may have come from Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘Lotharioesque’ amorous activities coupled with an awfully contrived grandiose style of slapstick humour and witty narration. Or was it Josh Radnor’s character struggling to get off a never ending romantic treadmill in his idealistic world that charmed you? Or did you fall in love with the symbiotic relationship that the characters — Jason Segel & Allyson Hannigan shared on screen? Or was it Cobie Smulder’s character’s allure and her general nonchalance to ‘all things Barney’?

The show had it’s charm in Bob Saget’s avuncular mannerisms in his fond narration of a nostalgic past with poignant memories while concurrently running side by side with a different type of non cliched like happily ever after future. The show ironically wasn’t just about ‘How I Met Your Mother’, it was something more. It was about how each of the characters that enthralled you for nine years (had it been than long?) finally find their feet and their rightful place in a fictitious world so wonderfully created by Thomas & Bays.

The first scene was the last scene and the last scene was the very first scene. Indicating at times, that sometime, just that beautiful one time, life does come a full circle.

Kids! How we were all enchanted!

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