Why Indian ‘Nationalists’ Supporting Israel Need to Read History

The Temple Mount is burning, quite literally. East Jerusalemites and Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah are crying for justice, as they’re being pushed out of their homes to make way for Jewish settlements, deemed illegal under international law. Hamas has fired rockets from the blockaded Gaza strip into Israel. The Israeli Iron Dome has thwarted most of the rockets. There are sirens blaring all over Tel Aviv. The Israeli Defense Forces have hit back targets in the tiny Southeast Mediterranean strip.

The geopolitics of the Holy Land is complicated, and perhaps ‘only’ 15 American presidents, the United Nations and the International Community have tried varying degrees of rapprochement for decades. So, for the sake of brevity I won’t dissect all this here.

Originally published at https://www.thequint.com on May 13, 2021.

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